J.L., 35 year old female

“When I first met Kelley, 3 years ago, I was broken after a surprising and traumatic divorce. I had completely lost myself and was absolutely uninterested in life without my ex-husband. There were many visits where Kelley guided me to answer the tough questions or dig into difficult memories- and I would cry. There were times when those questions or answers lead us a different way- and we would laugh. And with Kelley’s help, I started to rediscover the girl I once was and learn exactly who I wanted to be. She gave me homework. And I practiced the things we discussed. In the end, Kelley saved my life; though she would tell you that I saved myself. With her empowering way of coaching you through the rough stuff, her boundless patience, and empathetic way of being- I am on track to be exactly who I want to be. She is a true gift. And I will always be beyond thankful for all the time I spend with her. No matter what comes out in her room- the good, the bad, or the ugly- you leave lighter and ready to take on another day. You leave better.”