Female, age 44

“When I attended Kelley’s mindfulness workshop, I was expecting to get some quiet time to myself ( I am a mom of 2 young children, work part time, and I was finishing a degree) and to meditate.  Well, after my first class I received so much more than that! I met other people that were like minded and so kind.  It was wonderful and opened me up to a whole new world of self care, awareness, openness and some easy meditation techniques.  This class changed my life and set me on a new path that is filled with happiness, fulfillment and purpose.  Kelley Cabral-Mosher is truly a master in how she connects to people through her compassion, kindness, knowledge and understanding.  Her energy is positive and comforting.  Everyone should experience a workshop with her.”

Alisha, age 32

“Prior to starting counseling with Kelley and participating in her Mindfulness workshop I was carrying around a lot of “stuff” I guess you can call it. Things that literally weighed me down. I waited a long time to seek help and was becoming physically sick. I was depressed about things that I had gone through in my past and anxious/stressed about what I needed to do or what was going happen in my future. I used the term “overwhelmed” ALOT! Overwhelmed about the things I could not control. One thing a learned through my counseling journey and Mindfulness workshop with Kelley is the importance of living in the present moment. I realized that I was only in control of what was happening right now. And in regard to other people, I could not control their words or actions, I could only control me and how I chose to let things affect me. Another thing I learned, with Kelley’s help, is not to  let my past “haunt me” as I used that term alot as well when moments from my past would resurface. I now look at it from a different perspective. It is not my past haunting me but reminding me about how far I have come! There is a lot of stigma around mental illness. The truth is, mental health is just as important as physical health. If I broke my arm, would I wait it out to see if it got better on its own or would I seek help? I realized that I didn’t need to be embarrassed about admitting that I needed help. I needed to “let go” of some stuff and shift my perspective on how I was viewing circumstances in my life. I am where I am today because I said yes to taking care of my mental health. I’m not saying I am perfect. Some days are better than others and I still look forward to my counseling session check ins because it is a process. Thank you for everything Kelley!”

Male, 46 years old

“I’ve been coming to Freedom Wellness for 2+ years. Right from the start I was made to feel comfortable and welcome. Kelley is very knowledgeable and professional, putting you at ease regardless of the situation. She takes the time to get to know you and your needs, to steer you in a direction of mindfulness, self-awareness and self-healing.”

J.L., 35 year old female

“When I first met Kelley, 3 years ago, I was broken after a surprising and traumatic divorce. I had completely lost myself and was absolutely uninterested in life without my ex-husband. There were many visits where Kelley guided me to answer the tough questions or dig into difficult memories- and I would cry. There were times when those questions or answers lead us a different way- and we would laugh. And with Kelley’s help, I started to rediscover the girl I once was and learn exactly who I wanted to be. She gave me homework. And I practiced the things we discussed. In the end, Kelley saved my life; though she would tell you that I saved myself. With her empowering way of coaching you through the rough stuff, her boundless patience, and empathetic way of being- I am on track to be exactly who I want to be. She is a true gift. And I will always be beyond thankful for all the time I spend with her. No matter what comes out in her room- the good, the bad, or the ugly- you leave lighter and ready to take on another day. You leave better.”