What to expect

My practice is open to all people.

Dignity, respect, and equity are values that are at the top of the list here. I believe we are all connected in the magnificence of humanity. Each of us having worth and value.

Here we will walk together in exploration and discovery of self. Whatever has guided you here will be honored as a stepping stone to the process of feeling whole, feeling happy, feeling light and peace.

This will be the path back to you.

Each person I encounter is a beautiful individual with their own unique story.  That unique story will lay the foundation to the process of healing and growth. My practice offers the comfort, support, and encouragement needed to unearth the blocks being held within oneself causing discomfort.

My many years of experience working with people in the community have guided me to the the place today where I am able to use my center, the core of my being, to hold space as a strong guide and support the people I work with. There are an array of tools and techniques to support one’s journey to wholeness. I will teach and empower you along your path.

As a Holistic Psychotherapist and Master Energy Practitioner, I use an integrative approach tapping into my internal guidance and different modalities to support the process. Mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and energy medicine are a few modalities that one may experience while we work together.  There may be others – we will flow with what you need. This is a collaborative process. I will encourage you to use your amazing voice and tap into your own intuition for answers and guidance.

You are worthy of being just you – happy, healthy, and whole.

I can be reached at: